The Therapy Office of Karen Zeltzer, LCSW, RAS, CADC-I - Working Together to Improve the Quality of Your Life
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It is common for people to feel like they should be "strong" and cope with pain and suffering in silence. Seeking help may feel like a sign of weakness. I believe that getting help is truly a sign of strength.You don't need to suffer in silence when help is available. Taking the steps to seek therapy is the beginning of a better life.
Therapy can be a life changing experience. People experiencing  a variety of challenges, both internal and external, can benefit from therapy. 
A therapist is there to guide the growth process: to provide education, insight, tool building, symptom management strategies, resources, support and encouragement.

The impact of addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma, anger, low self-esteem, challenging relationships and so much more can be alleviated when working collaboratively with a trained professional. 
My practice is based on the belief that people have the tremendous ability to change, grow and thrive. My work centers on every individual's ability to make positive choices, to learn new coping skills and strategies, and to feel better, safer, stronger and healthier.

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